Substrate Seedling Test – Video

Hydroguy experiments with different mixtures of lassenite, cactus soil, and an unreleased soil additive.

Initially conducting the trial to test mix rates of the unreleased additive at 5%, 20%, and 100%, lassenite is included as a long-term trial run of lassenite in various uses, in 50/50 lass/soil mix, random additive + 50/50 mix, and 100% lassenite. 100% cactus soil is also included.

The seeds used are White Lavatera, and seeds were placed in substrate prior to flowering. The additive has a talcum-fine powder percentage, so the seeds were dug into it a bit. In the pure lassenite they were dropped among the pebbles.

When watered, the additive compacted, and in time became a solid plug. When the surface dried it was a hard cake I could only chip at with my knife. It didn’t look promising for the 100% of any – it was predicted the balanced mixes would excel.

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