Peat + Sponge + DWC – Video

Hydroguy transplants a tomato plant rooted in a 3×3 1801 insert pot with peat-lite into a cleaning sponge – without removing the peat! The sponge sits in a 10″ net basket destined for a life of DWC.

Sharing the sponge with the tomato is ryegrass, which was germinated and grown in the DWC bucket prior to the tomato transplant, and was the recipient of the General Organics DWC test.

The sponge is cut and the 3×3 peat insert with 18″ tomato plant is inserted. The water was filled to around 1/4″ above the bottom of the sponge to ensure the sponge remained wet, and the peat was watered lightly a couple times to ensure survival.

Stay tuned for the update where we look at the root system 3 weeks later!

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