Garden 2011 – Spring

Spinach bolting.jpg
Thinning Seedlings.jpg
Peppers, Bell
dragon fruit
NFT Tables
catnip flower.jpg
DWC corn roots
Domed starts
Grodan and SteadyGrow starter plugs
Roots in Grodan.jpg
Purple leaves
The Grobot
Transplant to Grodan.jpg
The room
Bolting spinach
NFT Table
Flood & Drain tables
transplant hydro.jpg
SteadyGrow cubes in Flood&Drain
Starts in SteadyGrow
Flood & Drain planted
Starts for hydroponics
Seedlings in Sure2Grow
Top Drip / DWC
4x4 table of soilless
Pepper flower
Squash Cuke and Tomato in Drip/DWC
no idea.jpg
cabbage transplant stage.jpg
NFT Production Space.jpg
Seedlings in Jiffy-7
Spider Mites
Seedlings in Grodan
Injector Rack
DWC corns