Chemtrails - The Invisible Enemy

The Conspiracy

On a crisp February morning in Southern California in 1998 Ken Adachi was awakened to a terrifying reality he had only so far heard rumors of. He left for the monthly meeting of the Orange County Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers armed with his 35mm camera unaware that what he would photograph later that afternoon would change the way he perceived the airspace above North America for years to come. Adachi had become aware of a phenomenon of chemical trails exhausted from commercial and military aircraft on an Art Bell radio show featuring investigator William Thomas; and now for the first time he was seeing – and photographing them – himself.

“Holy Cow”, he thought to himself, ”We’re being sprayed right here in southern California!”

What Adachi did not immediately realize was he was not alone. The broadcasts of the Art Bell show had sparked a wave of illumination across the nation, a wake up call regarding intentionally transmitted airborne pollutants, coupled with various allegations of nefarious black Government operations. What began in early 1998 for Mr. Adachi and many others across the nation was a long laborious pursuit of truth, and it unfortunately only ended in many more – and certainly discomforting – questions regarding the ethics and transparency of the worlds leading Governments and their ambitions of global control.

If 1998 was the spark of chemtrail enlightenment, then 1999 was the fully flared all seeing eye as multiple chemtrail sightings and increased public awareness throttled the discussion and investigation of these newly discovered phenomenon; including the first laboratory analysis of residues claimed to be fallout debris from chemtrails.

On April 21 1999 investigators William Thomas and Erminia Cassani published the lab testing results of samples obtained from sites in Pennsylvania and Washington State – two separate locations targets of a similar and peculiar brown goo which was found to contain traces of TNT as well as a chemical (allegedly patented by the Pentagon #163) for bioremediation and a fluorescent form of bacteria found in remote coral reefs and used as a marker in laboratories.  Thomas and Cassani explicitly allude to the notion this “goo” is somehow linked to chemtrails, yet managing to marry a brown gel substance to chemtrails is, at least for this author, an impossible correlation.

So what do chemtrail investigators think, and are there any merits to their ideas?

For Adachi the plot is perfectly calamitous. He suspects a number of reasons including low-level population reduction, or genocide. He also says that “it is possible these sprayings might contain special bio-engineered pathogens designed to affect only certain racial groups.” Adachi goes on to claim that the U.S. Government is controlled by a particular elite named “The Illuminati”, as all major Governments are, and the plan is to reduce the global population to only 2-billion people by the year 2050.

Adachi recognizes not all chemtrails lead to increased health problems or emergency room visits and notes this is due to a tolerance or built-up immunity to the chemicals. He recommends people take colloidal silver to counter-act their pathogenic effects. And to ease the stress and anxiety we all must be facing in the magnitude of such horrid realities, he also offers a sanction of positivity – the invisible air ‘elementals’ that eat chemtrails known as Sylphs. An internet search on “chemtrail Sylphs” yields numerous pictures and testimonials regarding the mythological thought-forms – quite amusing. These Sylphs take the form of ‘angels’ or ‘fairies’ and manage to transmute the pathogenic chemicals into harmless vapor or cloud. If there are no Sylphs around to eat the naughty nasties you can again rest assured – investigators have claimed that the mind itself is a powerful tool against chemtrails.

I left out the treatise we Earth people have with Aliens, and the lizard people, and many other quite imaginative theories Adachi has regarding the global conspiracy that even I am apparently participating in by not outright agreeing with him. I’m sure you can see where this is going.

The Reality

So what of something even remotely real. Adachi has, like many others, merged multiple conspiracy theories into one bundle (no doubt a result of Art Bell nightly programming), but in most instances of apparent insanity there are figments of observed reality bound with self-affirmed less-then-reputable ideologies. So what, if anything, of the “chemtrail conspiracy” is even true?

Let’s look at a few key issues, mainly; Aerial Chemical Testing, Military chemical and pharmaceutical testing on U.S. Military Personnel, known airborne particulates released from Military Aviation Vehicles, and finally Weather Modification. My sources are available to anyone, you do not need to have special sensory organs, simple keyword searches should suffice.

Aerial Chemical Testing

The notion of Aerial Chemical Testing in and of itself is not “chemtrails”, by obvious definition it is the aerial spraying of any chemical to test its effects, dispersion, persistence, or another reactive or qualitative variable. It could include aerial chemical fertigation, pesticide applications, radar jamming techniques, bio-warfare chemicals, and really any other distribution of chemicals which require aerial application. Since the inception of airplanes and chemicals, there have been people attempting to utilize aerial applications in large-scale operations regardless of the chemical or its hazardous effects in the environment. Historically the role of Government was to attempt to regulate the spread of potentially harmful chemicals, but access to both chemicals and planes put the role of enforcement into the hands of farmers, early chemical corporations, and now the privatized Military Industry. Once the farmer or corporate citizen realized their role versus the role of the regulators, lobbyists emerged to attempt to coerce and infiltrate Government agencies in order to profit themselves. Contrary to conspiracy this is business.

It must be realized that chemicals to control pest plants or insects would be used by farmers without conscience if it will increase their income, feed their families, and pay their bills. The people themselves would likely poison their own children in ignorance and greed, so regulatory agencies have been instated to ensure we do not misuse aerial chemical spraying; and testing has been conducted on chemicals in order to determine their qualities and effects in the short term (and in some instances long term) on the environment they are applied to. Not only the regulatory agencies but also the chemical manufacturers test their chemicals aerially if that is the desired application of the chemical. The one hand says it is unethical to use an untested chemical while the other hand realizes there is no area of the world a chemical can be released which will not have possible adverse effects in the environment it is released in – so it is a lose-lose situation, and in the end the chemicals need to be tested.

What I can see as “nefarious” if anything in this case is the legal responsibility a modern Corporation has to its shareholders to unmitigated profit, and the tendency to be completely pathological in the process. This is however not the result of a complicit or condoned conspiracy as much as it is the flaw of greed in humans to satisfy their own self interests beyond any consideration to whomever else it may effect. This “nefarious” property incites opacity, deceit, and entirely unethical behavior if it brings a higher return to investors. I would speculate as long as both chemical and military industrial corporations are privately owned we will not see any remote sense of ethics or responsibility beyond the requirement to satisfy shareholders at whatever cost to the public sector and environment.

The actual testing of a chemical aerially is likely the least exposure to the environment that a particular chemical will see if it proves efficient at meeting its expectations; the continual practical applications of chemicals sprayed aerially for pest control, defoliation, etc. is simply staggering in itself. With the severe amount of DDT and Round-Up being sprayed globally alone, I would think the pursuit of an “invisible menace” like chemtrails would be second to the more obvious and authentically disconcerting polluting of common air.

A scientist by the name of Harlow Shapley investigated air and its continual fluid currency across the globe; and he noted that every breath of our air has 3*10^9 argon atoms within it, and argon is inert so it is not absorbed by the body but exhausted with breath. Shapley estimated that in one year, no matter where in the world you are, every breath you take will include around 15 of the actual original argon molecules you encountered one year prior. This is a significant notion towards the diffusion and locomotion the air we breathe has, and should give credence to concerns regarding unregulated air pollution in a foreign country.

Chemical and pharmaceutical testing on U.S. Military Personnel

In my research of chemtrails the single most disturbing facet of truth has been the discovery of legitimate government documents which admit quite clearly that the Departments of Army, Navy, and the Air Force; as well as the Defense Nuclear Agency, the CIA, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Health and Human Services, have all participated in human experimentation with radioactive materials, chemicals such as nerve and blister agents, vaccines, and various biological warfare agents. Hundreds of thousands of subjects have been used for human experimentation – children, healthy adults, prisoners, psychiatric patients, and U.S. Military personnel. Though the exact range and scope of testing is not known due to opacity and classification, the U.S. General Accounting Office and Committee for Veteran’s Affairs have published enough to remove any doubt as to the detrimental (and some may say insidious) use of military and civilian population for testing of agents produced for war.

In the saner circles of society there is understandable resistance to any notion that the U.S. Military might be testing radiation and biological warfare agents on its own people – this is something we think Saddam Hussein would do. It is nonsense at first thought even knowing the range of control the U.S. has had around the world since even before the Second World War. Why not use Honolulu or an Indonesian Island – to poison your own soil and people seems utterly obtuse to the degree that evidence is required before the notion is even humored. So what evidence exists which allows me such auspicious confidence in regards to such a nightmare?

Three words: Dugway Proving Ground. It certainly is not the only region with a U.S. Military base testing various chemicals on U.S. Military personnel in the world, but but happens to be among the most transparent. If it were not for the U.S. Committee on Veteran’s Affairs and the necessity they have to the declassification of documents regarding aerial testing of chemicals on Military Personnel I highly doubt they would volunteer such information. Veteran’s Affairs is expected to give medical services to veterans, and incidentally in order to be efficient they are required to know exactly what chemical exposures the Military Personnel have endured.

Dugway Proving Ground is really one of many unidentified locations. Government documents from the Accounting Office describe the tests and test subjects but not the locations in which the tests took place. Situating Military personnel and civilians working for contractors hired by the DoD in various ranges around an atmospheric nuclear fallout test to see who is effected between 1945 to 1962. Gas Chamber and skin exposure to mustard gas and lewisite agents were tested during World War 2. Behavior modification drugs between 1953 and 1964, biological warfare agents between 1949 and 1974 on unaware participants using a bacteria thought at the time to be harmless, and the list goes on.

Worse than the boggling volume of tests performed on U.S. citizens on U.S. soil is the marginal number of test subjects names which have been recorded – and the lack of voluntary participation in many cases. The departments which coordinate these tests have lost hundreds of thousands of names of test subjects, and in other cases Military personnel have sworn under oath that they were not informed as to the risks of toxicity regarding the chemical agents. The prison inmates and disabled children used were simply not required to know they were being tested on, nor were any of the people in communities such as Dugway who were certainly exposed to drift from test sites. The degree to which the U.S. Government is liable to the populace it has effected is fractional in comparison to the numbers who have been exposed either directly or indirectly. Even today there are tests being performed voluntarily or not, since the Department of Defense has concluded there is no need to inform participants of any chemical testing so long as the chemical used is considered no worse than what a person may be exposed to on a day to day basis as it is. The region of Dugway was informed of this in a news release on July in 1993 which stated that, “no specific safety controls or protection are required for testing with simulants.”

“Simulants” are different agents considered to be harmless but can be utilized to test the spread, diffusion, and drift of airborne contaminants. Of the direct and indirect exposures to harmful substances it may be among the less severe, but it is notably a danger considering the number of “harmless simulants” have been pulled from use because they were found to be detrimental. Leonard A. Cole gives U.S. Senate Testimony before the Committee of Veteran’s Affairs on May 6th 1994 titled “Open Air Testing with Simulated Biological and Chemical Warfare Agents” in which he describes the program beginning in 1949 to determine the nations vulnerability to attack. Tests were performed over hundreds of populated areas in the U.S.A. he claims, and without monitoring the health or environmental effects of the tests since the simulants were deemed safe. Of the simulants used there have been several to be found later as health or environmental risks such as;

1950’s – Aspergillus Fumigatus was ceased to be used when discovered to cause Aspergillosis,

1960’s – Zinc Cadmium Sulfide  was ceased to be used when discovered to be carcinogenic,

1970’s – Serratia Marcescens bacterium was ceased to be used when discovered to cause infections,

1980’s – Dimethyl  Methylphosphonate (DPP) was ceased to be used when discovered to be toxic and carcinogenic.

Simulant agents suspected to be toxic are;

Ethylene Oxide – suspected carcinogen

Bacillus Subtilis – causes infections, particularly detrimental to immune-compromised persons.

Known Airborne Particulates Released from Military Aviation Vehicles

One of the more notorious facets of the “chemtrail conspiracy” is the notion that aviation vehicles are releasing chemicals such as aluminum in one way or another. How exactly this is achieved is as much a mystery as the chemicals being distributed – and not without efforts by many to investigate the potentials claimed by believers of chemtrail theories. The bottom line when it comes to the aerial distribution of chemicals in the form of chemically laden condensation trails is how this is even possible. If commercial air liners were releasing any form of toxin through a secret chamber on the plane some mechanic “not in the loop” would discover it and everyone would know. No conspiracy can web the globe and include every facet of the commercial airline business – this is basic sensible reasoning. So how then is it possible at all to perform the task of coating the skies in chemistry without it being either known or detectable? Some people suspect the fuel commercial air liners use.

On August 10th 2007 Discovery Channel aired a program called “Best Evidence” which aimed to crack the chemtrail conspiracy by investigating claims including a random sample of commercial jet fuel which they have tested for traces of aluminum at Kettering University. The tests were performed by mechanical and chemical engineers on a scale model jet engine and laboratory analysis. Not only did the tests yield negative to aluminum oxides in the fuels liquid and post-ignition exhaust, the technician explains how difficult it would be to introduce a strange component into the jet fuel. In his words, “if you had aluminum in the fuel you’d have trouble with the turbines for example, or you’d end up with metal plating showing up in the exhaust port – so it seems it would introduce some definite problems that the engine designer would have to take into account for in order to make the engine survive that.”

Looking beyond the fuel however, it is no secret that aluminum is being injected into the atmosphere via aircraft, particularly Military aircraft, and has been since the second world war. It was originally conceived in 1937 by R.K. Jones, a physicist and military intelligence expert in Britain, that the release of a reflective material from military aircraft might create radar echo’s. Five years later a telecommunications researcher named Joan Curran came up with the first application of what would come to be called “Chaff”, which was composed of rather large strips of aluminum foil 2cm thick and nearly a foot long. Zoom into the modern day and chaff particles are as small as 25 microns in diameter, and are composed of glass fibers coated in aluminum – much smaller and subject to various health and environmental concerns.

Genocide, population control, or any other catastrophic effect is not a concern with chaff however; nor are the particles of chaff small enough to remain airborne on high enough latitudes to generate the “synthetic ozone” that is speculated regarding the ‘geoengineering’ element of chemtrails we will get to later. Chaff is considered harmless and quite frankly considering the regulations and frequency of its use, and in light of the circumstances of its use being military activity; of all the chemical agents used in aircraft coupled with the immense volume of air travel to date, chaff is on the bottom of what I consider concerns.

One of the most notable elements of any conspiracy theory, in my findings, is the diversion or even delay of public awareness regarding a real concern – the conspiracy theory of chemtrails not withstanding. Atmospheric scientists around the world have voiced concerns over the excessive emissions from commercial airliners and military aircraft; not because of some hidden black ops project, but the simple pollution of our air and the potential series of effects it can have on people. The aforementioned chemtrail investigator, Erminia Cassani, who became sick taking samples of what probably amounts to congealed military jet fuel goo learned the hard way that such substances are probably not good for anyone – and maybe a better answer than playing Nancy Drew would be to call the authorities and notify them of a potentially hazardous fuel spill or something along those lines.

Traces of T.N.T., a bioremediation agent Pseudomonas Fluorescens, and a fluorescent-type bacteria found in coral reefs used in labs as a ‘marker’ – these are the apparently nefarious chemtrail residues found in the goo analyzed. How they congealed into masses of brown goo is beyond me, but Cassani’s report included there had been military aircraft encircling the area; so as I have noted I will sit with the probability the goo was unintentionally spewed out of a military aircraft engine. Really if anything it is nice to know military fuel is so relatively harmless and that they have bioremediation agents in an effort to reduce the fuel emissions the vehicles so greatly produce. P. Fluorescens is found in soil and water naturally, but like many other things in nature it can cause health problems – but someone with a Ph.D along the line decided a bioremediation agent was a better bad than jet fuel.

Without a single consideration of chemtrails there is a sea of atmospheric scientists around the world voicing concerns about the surmounting problem of aviation emissions in the atmosphere, including bacterial fallout. Not because they think that their Government is trying to kill them, but they are aware of the bacteria which colonizes the upper atmosphere, and the detrimental effects of particulates bonding with these and eventually weighing them down to fallout. That is of course besides the obvious gas emissions of carbon oxides multiplied by thousands of aircraft concurrently in flight at any given time.

The last notable thing regarding fuel emissions and chemtrail theory is the release of sulfur oxides into the atmosphere to counter-act the greenhouse effect. Incidentally crude oil already contains sulfur, and rather than having it infused the sulfur must be removed in refinement. Chemtrail investigators have not made up the notions of the distribution of aluminum or sulfur oxides into the atmosphere to counteract ozone depletion however, that is the brain child of atmospheric scientists; and that leads us to the last notion of the conspiracy theory which turns out to be nothing short of a shade of truth.

Weather Modification and Geoengineering

When I first looked into chemtrails some years ago I was surprised how much theorists bonded such a well known phenomenon as weather modification to a conspiracy when there has been no attempt made to conceal the technology. I think in the case of weather modification particularly, a lack of information, and perhaps knowledge of sciences or technologies related, perpetuates peoples imaginations to include all forms of advanced possibilities – in reality it is quite limited.

Weather is a complex system of particles, pressures, densities, and temperatures – it is the result of a culmination of causes, or as Gautama would say, an ‘interdependent chain of originations’. Air follows the laws of fluid dynamics, and science has discovered great limitations where weather can be altered to meet a pre-determined state. Though many theories can be illustrated, only one has actually shown consistent reliable results – cloud seeding. Other attempted alterations of weather patterns includes cloud busting, turbulent wind diffusion to prevent hurricanes or tornadoes, and many futurists envision a world where weather is under the hand of man in its entirety – but this is not likely.

The skies are not as concrete as a simple object, and the sources of weather phenomenon are far beyond the scope of mankind’s control. What can be achieved are short-term cloud manipulations, the technological maximum of which can be assumed military domain. On the lower levels of atmosphere particles can be dispersed which can allow moisture to condense forming clouds. The particle often used is silver iodide, and it has been effectively altering the weather patterns in various U.S. States for nearly 50 years, but we can assume by simple reasoning various chemicals have been tested through-out that time as well.

Though cloud seeding is a temporary solution for arid regions, it comes at a very basic cost to surrounding regions which would have otherwise received the precipitation. Concerns in the mid 70’s spawned a treatise between Canada and the U.S. with each partner agreeing to transparency regarding methods used to modify weather. Based on the degree of sophistication outlined in the paper “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025″ produced by a Department of Defense academic team, one must wonder the degree of classification on emerging technologies. Still the forces of weather persist beyond the ambitions of mankind, and there is little more to be done than taunting water vapor to move around, condensate, or evaporate.

Geoengineering, or at least what people consider in relation to chemtrails, has more of a severe impact on the balance of nature. Science has long explored means to manipulate our climate and atmosphere, from exploding dirt particulates into the upper atmosphere, to the distribution of sulfur oxides or tiny particles of aluminum to create a man made ozone replica with the intent of reducing the greenhouse effect. Aluminum would reflect the suns light away from the planet, and sulfur oxides have an atmospheric cooling effect in contrast to CO2 (as well as negative side-effects on ozone). On the drawing board is even an artificially intelligent nanobot which can be dispersed in the upper atmosphere by the millions and either allow the passage of solar radiation, or block it. Though chemtrail theorists claim these nanobots exist there is certainly no reason to believe they are in use, if by chance they do exist.

Geoengineering is not merely a few methods to counter the greenhouse effects however. Practices such as rooftop gardening and  reforestation, as well as practices like the removal of crude oil and natural gas from the Earths depths, are forms of geoengineering as well. Anything which shapes the long-term state of the planet and its constituency of land, air, and water are ultimately variables towards human intervention on the environment – especially when they are unlikely to occur naturally such as using CO2 injection to increase off-shore oil recovery.

When relating to chemtrails; where cloud seeding can be performed on a low enough altitude to be visible, it is unlikely any geoengineering projects to reduce global warming would distribute particulates at regular airspace altitude. In order for the particles to be effective it would have to be dispersed much higher, and there is no reason to even imagine they would appear as a condensation trail. It would probably be dispersed in packets similar to chaff by a high-altitude aircraft, outside of the visible range of surface onlookers. Geoengineering is a serious potential hazard, yet notions to alter the upper atmosphere are really a drop in the bucket in light of the catastrophic resource exploitation and toxic waste distribution in third-world or under-developed countries.


There is absolutely no evidence what-so-ever that chemtrails exist. ‘Experts’ of chemtrail theories are not reputable; rather to the contrary they are mostly misguided. There is no evidence of poisons in any fuels or contrails, nor of a method to distribute aluminum in fuel; and in reality simple airplane exhaust is already harmful and a large concern of atmospheric scientists. Weather modification is not a conspiracy, its transparent as anything can be. Aside from the distribution of sea water into clouds to increase reflectivity, there is no methods of geoengineering which may include a particulate in a jet fuel (besides sulfur oxides which are too great a danger to be an aid), nor at the altitude jets traverse.

That said – The Department of Defense is pathological given the conviction of “war time measures” and willing to distribute chemicals on U.S. citizens, this is evident. Simulants can be used and distributed aerially on U.S. citizens without their knowledge or voluntary participation. The U.S. Military is lobbied by the private sector military industrial complex which is pathological. Chemicals are developed, tested, and lobbied for use by private sector corporations which are also pathological, and neither chemical nor military industrial corporations are responsible for ensuring anything but unmitigated profit for their shareholders.

As much as some of the insinuations of chemtrail theory are real, they do not constitute chemtrails – and in the process of researching I have found the realities much more frightening than an invisible menace. The problem does not however lie with Governmental conspiracy but with regular people who own corporations. The corporate interests groups have established what no government black ops project can – the total removal of all liability and ethical accountability in the production, testing, and use of biological weaponry and toxic chemicals. The use of accepted chemicals to control pests and foliage in the world alone has much more negative effects on the biosphere than a chemtrail conspiracy could – and if anything at all is a conspiracy it is the clear diversion of facts to fantasy. That is to say, if we are being intentionally duped it is theories like Chemtrails which are falsified and wasting our time; distracting us from visible enemies and real threats. As long as the people fear their Government, Aliens, or an invisible Elite we will not discover that we are allowing corporations to exploit us and eventually destroy us and the entire biosphere in pursuit of profit and power.

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