Review – Grubbycups Simple Hydroponics (Vol 1)

“Hydroponic systems can both be complicated and expensive, but they don’t have to be. They can also be simple and elegant. The central concept of hydroponics is to garden using a rooting material that is not soil.”

Grubbycup’s Simple Hydroponics

When it comes to the spectrum of books on hydroponics, few before Grubbycup’s Simple Hydroponics: First Steps manage to present an introductory to hydroponics that can be understood by, and inspire, both seasoned yard-gardeners and complete novices alike. Grubbycup’s Simple Hydroponics delivers exactly what it claims in short but concise paragraphs, combined with color photographs so the reader (or gentle reader in this case) can form a better understanding of what the author is describing.

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Review – U.S. v. Yerbas

“Our story profiles an American lie and its death. The lie’s death needed to be fiction as her courts no longer chew on rights for they fear being overruled or political peril. So fear rules all under law. What a shame for freedom, but as many Americans know the people they fear most aren’t really real but exaggerations. This is why pot is illegal, exaggerated fear.”

The Case of U.S. v. Yerbas, Welcome

Previously titled “Satan’s Smoke,” this novel, both comedic as well as informative, should not be confused by virtue of its name to be a rather stuffy synopsis on an existent court case. To the contrary, U.S. v. Yerbas is a fine tale of two law students turned attorneys who’s passion for an end to prohibition have earmarked them as recipients to one of the nations largest cross-border trafficking busts. OK, really it was more that the girlfriend of the main character smoked pot, failed her drug test at the.. hmm, I had better stop before I spoil it. Needless to say, two young lawyers eventually (ok, one of them had to sit out most of the case because of a final examination he had to pass) .. ehm, they eventually connect with a rather infamous attorney who aids them in the preparation of a case which would forever nullify the legal precedent for the prohibition of marijuana.

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Review – Botany for Gardeners

“Earth has been called the Green Planet; in the vast reaches of the solar system, perhaps the universe, it is a solitary world uniquely clothed in a mantle of vegetation. And because of its plants, other forms of life are able to inhabit this place. From simple beginnings, plants evolved first among earth’s living things, thus setting a priority that still abides: Plants, in one form or another, can exist forever without animals, but animals cannot exist without plants.”

Botany for Gardeners, Introduction

One of the fundamental keys to understanding the nature of plants of all kinds is realizing the extent to which plants have adapted to respond to changing conditions around them. A plant, unlike an animal, has evolved with many features of mutability; having several points throughout their anatomy which are able to, given the right circumstances, alter their internal structure in response to a change of environment. In this sense a plant that topples over may root where the moist earth contacts its stem, the leaves of a flower may pivot to capture the rays of the sun as the day progresses, and the removal of the growth tips or branches on a plant may allow auxiliary buds at their base to form into new branches.

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Review - Teaming with Microbes

“If you really want to be a good gardener, you need to understand what is going on in your soil,” begins Teaming with Microbes. And it is so suitable a summary to this must-have for gardeners, that I decided to introduce this review with it.

One of the more notable changes in gardening in recent years is the increasing number of people who are questioning the necessity of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and these people are often looking to alternatives without wanting to compromise their produce or fall into “eco” sales traps. Micro-organisms have in the past been the furthest things from a gardeners mind in pursuit of yield or quality, and, before recently, few would have believed that micro-organisms relate to plant health, pest resistance, or nutrient availability. With Dr. Elaine Ingham of Soil Foodweb Inc. as their guide, Jef Lowenfels and Wayne Lewis take us on a journey. It’s their journey, through the process of learning of, and eventually practicing, what it takes to be a steward of a garden that is Teaming with Microbes.

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