A Bridge to Venus - Thoughts on Jacque Fresco

Perspective … it seems the world is moving too quickly for our minds to focus on the details of our reality. As the internet lays before us as an unrestricted tool to share our most revolutionary ideas, most of us are still seeing the forest for it’s lumber and not the larger – and certainly more realistic – complex circuit it is. We will debate the more obvious flaws and scrutinize minute details irrelevant to the valuable points, we take our freedom of discussion for granted, and forget that our actual capacity to commune and share on this superhighway of data bits is time-limited.

This is not conspiracy, and we do not have time to humor imagination – this is stark reality conclusive to anyone who feels entitled to know and looks for themselves. The internet, the ability to conspire towards a future only WE can imagine, the capacity to side-step official propaganda and regional state brainwashing – this is not a right we have, this is a window of chaos and a brief opportunity for our specie to rise above the imperialism, corporatism, colonialism, and nationalism the elites have used and will continue to use to enslave people into complacent submission. Skepticism is the check tool of a healthy mind, but let’s not be arrogant – when a 93 year old man who is clearly a genius of engineering and system design works his ass off to display his model of a sustainable, efficient, and ergonomic architecture for future living, let’s at least suck up the ego and realize this is an opportunity to learn and our pin-hole of a paradigm might benefit from it.

As humans we observe nature and copy it, or combine it, or we disassemble it and recombine it – at the end of the day we feel like some trumped up deities like we really invented something. Hell, a scientist just needs to discover something and he is rewarded by praise, when the credit can truly go to universal physical tendencies – since of course these are several-trillion year old inventions. Most of what we do is trivial, and we relate to the mundane more than to the spectacular. Average people who might have been a rock cutter in Egypt now sell cars or build houses – and these people have a sense of accomplishment in their F350′s and new homes. Though the average mind is hardly more volatile than a sandwich people have a sense of worth and empowerment that makes them self-identified authorities of quality, efficiency, and value.

Not anyone can be an architect or an engineer, but a lot of people can. They could be identifiably equal in form and schooling to a man like Fresco, perhaps comparative in social status or wealth, and they too in their self-empowered perception do an equal job as any other person. They see Fresco as a “futurist” and themselves as a contemporary and practical professional. They may even feel a sense of contempt seeing the illustrations, descriptions of what they have learned to call Communism, and notions so far from anything contemporary his ideas can be dismissed as the declining sanity of a once-productive engineer.

Meanwhile in the background of our lollipop and gummy-bear little window of reality the people who established the global economic lattice, who have called us fief and slave in times passed, who are the inventors of trade and commerce that was the vector for technology, computers, internet, and communications between common folk around the world – these Internationalists are able to cut us off from each other without any real difficulty. We can spend all the time skimming the surface of “alternative media” nit picking what we so auspiciously disagree with – or we can realize the opportunity we have to exploit the freedom of information, freedom of communication, and ability to share ideas without the filtration or authorization of people who want to control us. Because whether or not you chose to believe it media and entertainment, education, religion, and culture are used without scruples to generate a virtual reality where ideas, beliefs, and conditions can be fabricated and imposed on people without their knowledge or suspicion.

And in comes Zeitgeist and The Venus Project, alternative media as it is touted – alternative to a complete reality-washed veil of “you know what we want you to.” Alternative to special interest groups lobbying Government and media, alternative to Corporations using psychology and studies of human vulnerability to certain sounds and colors to improve their already effective marketing campaigns. You see, the human mind is simple. Though we may chose to perceive ourselves as free thinking individuals the mind greatly resembles a repository of programmed data, conditioned responses, and autonomic functions. What comes out is almost in its entirety what went in with the rare occurrence of creative cognition or volition, the assembly of a new idea or new way of perceiving an idea that eventually leads to the evolution of a new idea, product, or principal.

Jacque Fresco can’t wait for things to progress to the point our associative reasoning can perceive the linear progression to what he deems a civilized world which functions on reason and designs its tools and habitat for sensibility, sustainability, and efficiency. We are living in a free-for-all where vulnerable nations are exploited for their labor and resources, where each individual is encouraged to plunder and pillage for themselves, where oil spills, marine wildlife, air contamination, climate change, and human health are measured and valued in dollars and cents. We live in complete insanity and it is no wonder why a progressive free-thinking genius engineer can’t deliver a model similar enough to our present conditions for us to embrace and understand them – we are just not that civilized yet.

I don’t bite on the cities or their design either. It looks like a sci-fi book and that annoys me – why does everyone have to make the future so bubbly and weird shaped. Do any of those shapes actually have any basis in logic beyond the fancies of an old timer to appear cutting edge? But they do. Where a normal person trying to imagine a  futuristic vehicle will generally use the constructs of a modern vehicle while adapting them to what they imagine “space age” curvy shapes should look like, Fresco is actually educated and experienced in designing things based on logical applications and functions. The high-rise apartment is modular rounded capsules fixed in a corkscrew fashion around a cylindrical base. As oddly shaped as it might be in our relatively limited scope of comparative standards, it is based purely on the efficiency of solar exposure fashioned with time and trials by Nature itself, and displayed perfectly in the various plants you walk by every day unbeknownst to your cognitive mind, as you go about your trivial and generally superficial business.

His marine city is like a molecular diagram in the sense that it holds the minimal functional parameters arranged in the most ergonomic pattern – yet similar to a diagram, in reality the actual molecule (or in this case city) is diverse with isotopes, isometric variations, and the odd ‘R’ that can mean any number of non-specific organic compounds. To try to be clear – it’s not so much a literal blue-print we should immediately consider building, or a striving for a utopia or futurist paradise. It’s just the most logical format one exceedingly above average thinker has gifted to the modern world, which will more than likely not be seen as a utilitarian guideline for design for many many years, or decades, to come.

“The world” is currently designed and managed by sociopaths who want nothing more than to control us economically, psychologically, and physically. It is certainly a thicker and more entwined web of elitist corporatist and international bankers than any movie can portray, or any conspiracy theory can do justice to. It is more than likely the future of mankind will be still darker and more ecologically perilous than any of us could wish for – and there is a very slim chance this freedom of communication we take for granted today will remain. Slavery is more important than progress, and global domination leaves no room for individual aspirations. What we mock now as “sci-fi” is a future far more pleasant than the future we will probably know – so take the time and absorb it, glean what is useful and don’t worry so much about how dumb the car looks.

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